About Us

In 1928 my great-grandfather started his leather workshop in Budapest . Since then, the skills of this trade have been passed down from father to son. My father specialised into the manufacture of leather jewellery in the 1970-s. He created a collection of classical forms, on which our contemporary jewellery is also based. I took over the firm in 1992, and since then we have grown the production of our exclusively hand made quality products steadily through continuous development.

Our leather jewellery - hairclips, collars, bracelets, etc. - are made of specially prepared bovine leather. During the production process, the traditional techniques of carving, threading, weaving and decoration are used. Individual motifs are also creatable in realistic relief using our specialised carving technique. Because our creativity is boundless, our pieces have a guaranteed individuality which is sure to appeal to all tastes.


We supply primarily to retailers and wholesalers. To assist in the sale of our products we supply a stand which suits all circumstances. These stands come in four types

  1. Fixed sized wooden stand with detachable legs
  2. Fixed sized wooden table stand
  3. Metal hanging stand in various sizes
  4. Leather and metal in various sizes